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About Us

Say hello to your virtual IT manager.
Say Hello Comtec.

Who are we?

We are a team of IT Professionals with many years’ experience in computing, telecoms and internet connectivity.

We provide a range of services to companies and individuals in order to help them eliminate waste, maximise return on investment keep their services secure, responsive and dependable. Our client base covers the UK and abroad.

Contact us if you are having problems with your services, you are curious if you could get more out for less of if you think a change to your ICT may be required.

What do we do?

We provide access to the skills, knowledge and experience of 30+ years in the industry without the expense and commitment of one or more full-time employees.  We’re always happy to discuss taking on work and provide services to charities and not-for-profits at cost.

If you need IT Support, Hello Comtec are here for you. Using our tools and services, we can securely manage and support your I.T. without being on site, saving you £££’s and giving you a great service.  Immediate remote support, software updates, antivirus and system tuning are all included in the service at a single fixed cost.

What are Our values?

We have a set of core values that have served us well throughout the last 30 years and remain valid today.  A clear set of core values lets our present and future clients know who we are and what to expect when working with us as well as informing our day-to-day thinking, policy and long-term strategy.

These are our Core values
We have only one aim – Customer Satisfaction
We create superior value for our customers
Our people are our strength
We do what we say we will do
Openness and Collaboration form strong bonds and increased value
We embrace change and reward innovation

Lets get social

You can get contact us via phone or email and we're also on Facebook and Twitter! Feel free to get in touch.

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