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We’ve a range of options to offer help to you; choose which best works for you

To raise a help desk ticket please complete this form and click submit. If your need is more pressing feel free to call us.
When directed, please download and install our remote support tool so we can help you now.

Download our remote support tools

Once you have downloaded and run the software, please let the agent have the User ID and Password to connect with you:

Special notes for Apple MacOS users

Apple MacOS systems are very secure and Apple has gone to great lengths to ensure that systems cannot be compromised.  This is a good position to be in, but it does mean we need to take a couple of extra steps to ensure a remote access tool can be installed and authorised.

Once you have clicked on the MacOS button above it will download the dwagent.dmg file to your computer.  The file will be installed in the Downloads section of your web browser.

Click on the Finder icon next to the download:

The dwagent.dmg file will appear in Finder.  Right-click the file and choose Open.  A warning window will appear saying that the file author is not recognised.  Click on the [Open] button.  This will decompress the .dmg file and open a new window with the DWAgent file and a notes file.

Right-click on the DWAgent file and choose Open. You will see a warning message saying DWAgent cannot be opened as Apple cannot check it for malicious software.  Click [OK]

Right-click on the DWAgent file and choose Open once again.  This time you will see the same warning message saying DWAgent cannot be opened as Apple cannot check it for malicious software, but this time there will be an option to open the file.  Click on [Open]
This time, the installer will run normally.  Again, unless directed otherwise please choose to Run the program and not Install.  You will likely need to enter your password and click [OK] to run the program.

Finally, you need to allow MacOS to grant remote control to our support tool.   Click on System Preferences, the Security and Privacy.
Scroll down to and click on Accessibility:

Once you have clicked on Accessibility, click on the padlock icon in the bottom-left and enter your MacOS password to allow changes.
Click on the + button and search for a file called dwagguilnc.  Click on the file when it appears and the click on [Open]

The file swagguilnc should now appear in the Allow list with a tick in the box next to it.

Next, click on Screen Recording and repeat the process for the same file – swaggunlnc – so that it appears in the Allow list.

Click on the cross to close the Preferences dialogue – you have now set up and allowed our remote support tool.

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